Welcome to the NJ ZIP Applicant Portal!

Please note that the Purchaser application for Phase 1 is closed. Please reach out to njzip@njeda.com with any questions or concerns.

To be eligible for this pilot program, you must be a business or institution registered in New Jersey and plan to buy a new zero-emission, medium-duty vehicle, which will operate 50% or more of its vehicle miles within the greater Camden, greater Newark, greater New Brunswick, or greater Shore areas. A full list of eligible municipalities can be found at <a href="https://www.njeda.com/njzip#eligibility" target="_blank">www.njeda.com/njzip#eligibility</a> under "Eligibility & Compliance Requirements".

Create a voucher application for your qualifying zero-emission medium-duty vehicle(s) purchase by clicking the "Create" button below. If you have already created an application below, you can access it by clicking the Application ID ["MOLA-XXXXX"] to complete the application process or view status.

Please note: A $1,000 application fee will be assessed in order to submit your application. If you believe this fee poses an undue financial hardship, please email njzip@njeda.com, title “NJ ZIP Hardship Waiver Request – [Insert applicant business name]”. Undue financial hardship is defined for this program as follows:
- For a for-profit entity, if the adjusted gross income reported on your business' most recent federal tax return is less than $1,000,000
- For a non-profit entity, if the annual operating budget, defined in the entity's most recent federal filing (Form 990) as Total Expenses (Box 18), is less than $1,000,000

You can apply for multiple vehicles within a single application, capped at $1.5M.

NOTE: This is not a COVID grant program.

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