Based on the significant number of applications already received, funding for the Main Street Micro Business Loan is fully subscribed.  Based on the fact that the NJEDA’s application fee is non-refundable, the NJEDA is no longer accepting new applications.  If you have any questions, please contact the NJEDA Call Center at 844-965-1125.

Welcome to the NJEDA’s Main Street Micro Business Loan application. We look forward to helping you grow your micro business in New Jersey!
Before you get started with your application, please review the questions below to ensure your business is eligible.
  • Does your business meet the below eligibility requirements?
  • Are you a nonprofit, for-profit, or home-based micro business?
  • Does your entity have annual gross revenues of $1,500,000 or less according to the most recent federal tax return that the applicant was required to file?
  • Does at least one owner of your business have a minimum 600 credit score?
  • Does your entity have 10 or less full time employees?
  • Is your entity legally registered to do business in New Jersey, and able to provide a current tax clearance certificate from the NJ Division of Taxation?
  • Has your entity been legally formed and in operation at least six months prior to the date of this application?
Please note:
The maximum amount of financing available for each eligible business under the Main Street Micro Loan is $50,000. 
There is a limit of one loan per business entity, as determined by the Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you are a business entity with multiple locations operating under a single EIN, you will be limited to one application under the sole EIN.
Loans under the Main Street Micro Business Loan may be used for:
  • Future operating expenses, which may be held as working capital to fund such future operating expenses. Examples include payroll, rent, mortgage, utilities, taxes, and inventory
  • Future purchases of equipment (installation and construction costs of equipment cannot exceed $1,999.99)
The following are not eligible uses:
  • Home-based businesses cannot use loan proceeds for any residential costs (i.e. home mortgage/lease payments)
  • Refinancing of existing debt
  • Personal, non-business obligations or costs incurred by related entities
  • Construction
  • Equipment requiring installation or construction costs in excess of $1,999.99
  • Rolling stock – (i.e. no cars, trucks, or vans can be purchased)

Please review the Main Street Micro Business Loan Application Checklist before beginning the application process below.

Click here to view the different meanings of your application “status”.

To register for access to submit an application on this website, please review this link for details.
For additional questions, call NJEDA at 1-844-965-1125.

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