The application for the New Jersey Asset Activation Planning Grant is closed.

The New Jersey Asset Activation Planning Grant Program will provide grants of up to $50,000 directly to grantees for pre-development planning that demonstrate viability to activate public assets.

Proposed planning projects may include, but are not limited to:
• Conceptual Design
• Feasibility Study
• Land-use Planning
• Economic Analysis
• Market Analysis
• Legal Analysis

Proposals must demonstrate to what extent the utilization of a public asset will be improved and how development or use of a public asset will benefit the regional economy and the community.

Proposals should target under-utilized, or vacant land, buildings, or infrastructure owned by a county, municipality, district, public authority, public agency, or other political subdivision or public body.

A representative of the lead role entity (municipality, county, or redevelopment agency, independent authority, private or non-profit organization) must complete and return this Application Information Form as part of the application package. If any question is not applicable to the proposal, please indicate “Not Applicable”.  Attachments must be submitted as PDFs where indicated and only respond to questions pertaining to that section of the application.

Please review the New Jersey Asset Activation Planning Grant Program website at :  https://www.njeda.com/asset-activation-planning-grant/.

If you have any questions, please contact program administrators at NJAAP@njeda.com
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