Welcome to the NJ ZIP Applicant Portal!

Please note that funding for this phase of the NJ ZIP pilot is currently oversubscribed. As a result, you are submitting this application to be placed on our waitlist for this phase of the pilot. Funding availability is not guaranteed. If funding becomes available in this phase, waitlist submissions will be notified and considered in the order they are received and deemed completed.

To be eligible for this pilot program, you must be a business or institution registered in New Jersey and plan to buy a new zero-emission, medium-duty vehicle, which will operate 50% or more of its vehicle miles within the greater Camden, greater Newark, greater New Brunswick, or greater Shore areas. A full list of eligible municipalities can be found at www.njeda.com/njzip#eligibility under "Eligibility & Compliance Requirements".

Create a voucher application for your qualifying zero-emission medium-duty vehicle(s) purchase by clicking the "Create" button below. If you have already created an application below, you can access it by clicking the Application ID ["MOLA-XXXXX"] to complete the application process or view status.

Please note: A $1,000 application fee will be assessed in order to submit your application. If you believe this fee poses an undue financial hardship, please email njzip@njeda.com, title “NJ ZIP Hardship Waiver Request – [Insert applicant business name]”. Undue financial hardship is defined for this program as follows:
- For a for-profit entity, if the adjusted gross income reported on your business' most recent federal tax return is less than $1,000,000
- For a non-profit entity, if the annual operating budget, defined in the entity's most recent federal filing (Form 990) as Total Expenses (Box 18), is less than $1,000,000

You can apply for multiple vehicles within a single application, capped at $1.5M.

NOTE: This is not a COVID grant program.

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