Welcome to the NJ ZIP Applicant Portal!

To be eligible for this pilot program, applicants must be a business or institution registered in New Jersey and plan to buy a new zero-emission, medium- or heavy-duty vehicle, which will be registered in New Jersey and operate at a minimum 75% of their vehicle miles in New Jersey.

An approved Vendor in NJ ZIP must start an application for your entity. Enter in progress application(s) by clicking on the CAPP link below, to review this information, and provide details about your business and the vehicles you wish to purchase through this program. Your application can include multiple vehicles, capped at $3M per Purchaser EIN.

Each application submitted is assessed a $1,000 fee. If you believe this will cause an undue hardship on your business, a hardship waiver may be requested later in this application that will reduce the fee to $500.

Please note that this is a first-come, first-served program, open until all funds are allocated. Your application will not be considered in queue until you, as the purchaser, submit it and pay the application fee.

NOTE: This is not a COVID grant program.

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